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"The Novent tamper resistant refrigerant caps were a success. We placed them on the equipment we had problems with in the past. The problem has now migrated to surrounding A/C units."
San Benardino Unified School District

Keep Your Refrigerant Under Control

NOVENT® was created by industry professionals after evidence of refrigerant theft by teenagers, many times resulting in brain damage and even death after inhaling or "huffing" refrigerant. NOVENT® created the original tamper resistant refrigerant locking caps for the service valve on all air conditioning and mini split units. These locking caps help prevent tampering or access by unauthorized personnel. NOVENT® refrigerant locking caps are patented and precisely machined from high-grade brass encompassed within a protective refrigerant color-coded aluminum casing.

NOVENT® refrigerant locking caps are corrosion resistant and have an o-ring seal to provide a positive back-up for leaking service valves. These caps are secured on to a unit with a special key sold only to certified HVAC technicians and provide a tamper resistant barrier to reduce theft, vandalism, and the accidental mixing of refrigerant. NOVENT® was the first to develop these caps and strongly supports all EPA Management Programs.

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